Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Date Ideas

When you are first married, life is not as busy and it's just the two of you so it's not very hard to go out on a date with your spouse. But then it's time for you to have kids and you have one, two, three, etc etc. All of a sudden you realize that it is harder for you and your spouse to have a little date. We get all caught up with life's busyness that we don't even realize that we have not taken time out for the one person that you started your whole wonderful life. Laying in bed and talking for 15 minutes or even 30minutes does not count as "time" with your spouse. I know some of you may be asking yourself this question- What is a date? You mean people still take those. It is very hard to remember that before we had all of our wonderful, cute, slobbery, high-energy, lovable kids, we married our one true love. The one love that we wanted to spend the rest of our life with. So I have put together a list of some date ideas. Sometimes it's a lot more fun to do something else than just going out to eat for dinner. I hope this list inspires you. My husband and I are trying to do two dates a month. They will only be 3-1/2 hours long because that's all the more I can leave our baby, but it's still a little date and that's all that matters.

23 Date Ideas

1. Bowling

2. Visit an art museum
3. Go to the library and find your favorite children’s book to read to each other
4. Corn maze
5. Putt-putt golfing
6. Cook dinner together
7. Batting cages
8. Concert
9. Star gazing (you can even add a fire)
10. Board games
11. Go to local park and fly kites
12. Go hiking
13. Laser tag
14. Feed the ducks
15. Paddle boating
16. Canoeing
17. Flea market
18. Ice skating/roller blading
19. Build a snowman
20. Play badminton
21. Jump on a trampoline
22. Go to the zoo
23. Coffee shop


Stephanie Burley said...

I find that lots of couples don't take even infrequent date nights, for a variety of reasons. It's sad, really. :-( Marriages are so much happier when mom and dad can connect as a couple, rather than always being in that parenting role. It's worth ever dime, and Greg and I are seriously overdue! Valentine's month was our last.

Constance said...

so true Stephanie. I don't even think we had one on valentine's day. We are seriously overdue. :-)