Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spiritual Leaks

This past week I noticed the gas company was doing something to my meter. So I went out and asked the question if something was wrong. They told me that the gas company is contracted out with someone else to constantly go around and check the meters and make sure that everything is running smoothly and there are no leaks. Columbia gas(which is my gas company) told me that they got a write up from their contractors saying that I had a leak at my house. Columbia gas had been to my house twice that day to check on it and they were not finding anything. I told them that we hadn't smelled any gas and that our bill has been running normal.  As I walked away, God seemed to give me some insight. It was as if He was sharing with me that there are Christians out there who have spiritual leaks. He warns us and comes and checks on us many many times, but with all of the warnings and communication, we do nothing about our "leaks". Then all of a sudden we have such a mess that it's hard to get it fixed.  I want to make sure that in my life, even with the tiniest leaks, that I listen to God's warnings and I keep coming back myself several times a day or whatever is necessary to make sure that my "leaks" don't turn into something bigger and that I close them all up.


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