Sunday, October 23, 2011

Important people - kids and husbands

What would we do if our lives were not so jammed packed full of activities?
About a month ago, I got a new client, who lives with us 24/7 and my life has been very busy getting paper work and info transferred with her. All of this includes lots and lots of meetings. My job is a wonderful job. I get to stay at home with the kids except for meetings here and there and many times I take them with me. I care for someone who has a mental disability and cannot live on their own. My new client is an older lady and she is wonderful. Of course there are always things you have to work on and programs that you have to do everyday, but that all comes with the job. It is very nice, during the day monday -friday she goes to a workshop all day, so that is a nice break for my daytime.

In the middle of all of this, I have my normal duties as a mommy and wife and pastor's wife and trying to get ready for our new little bundle to arrive. Sometimes I sit at night and wonder and play the days events through my mind. Sometimes I think of times where I used a short tone with the kids or even my husband, or maybe I wasn't patient enough, or I got frustrated with the toys that were laying in the floor somewhere in the house and there were no children around playing with them. Then at that moment, whether they are already in my bed or I know they will be coming down soon to crawl sleeply into bed with us, I snuggle them up close and ask God to forgive me and quietly whisper the same thing in their ears. The next morning, I ask for forgiveness and say to myself, let the little stuff go. It's so hard because we get caught up in the moment and our brain is going back as fast as it can to our list, whether it is on paper or it's just mentally in our head, of  all the things that need to be accomplished.

As I'm sitting here (because I cannot sleep at the moment) thinking of all the stuff that needs to be accomplished tomorrow, I'm also reminding myself that I need to make sure that I don't forget that my kids just need a hug, kiss, held, or even a story read to them tomorrow. It's going to be very busy tomorrow, I have to go to columbus, ohio for tues and wed. I have training there for my job, so I need to lay out clothes, fix food, write notes, and the list goes on. A big lump is coming to my throat because I'm going to miss my kids and my husband and I don't like it when I have to leave and I don't know if everything will go smoothly. Here's the question to ask ourselves as mothers. At the end of the day, did I show love and did I teach my children that Jesus loves them?

I believe the answer to my question that I started this post out with is this - I don't think it matters what we do to try to free up our day, life is life and it will somehow get hectic and so busy that we feel like we can't breathe. Just in the very middle of our crazy crazy lives, let's not forget the most important people and that is our kids and our husband. Make them feel they are important, no matter what happens, they know that mommy will pause her very crazy hectic life to help them with their problems.

Now on to a couple of photos. I took these just seconds before walking out the door for school. 
My little man who is so incredibly ornery, but very very loveable.

                      My little miss princess, who I love very much and is a very big help to me.


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