Friday, September 30, 2011

A small update

Life has been so busy here lately for us. Between church activities, b-day parties, school and homework, piano lesson, chris teaching everyday, me-with my two clients, and doctors appointment, there hasn't been alot of breathing room. We are very excited about this next week coming up. We are trying something at our church(which is completely a home-mission church). It is called a family fun day. We are going to have corn hole, a bouncy house and 500 hot dogs. It's completely open to the public and we are hoping for a great turnout. The Lord has really been blessing our little church and we have seen alot of new people. Our attendance runs between the 20's and 30's. We are praying that God reaches their hearts and they turn their lives over to God.

I have been trying to write something that has been coming to my mind concerning pastor's wives. I was hoping to have it finished, but it's not yet. So hopefully it will be for next week. There are a few different titles that have been coming to my mind and I have been mulling it over in my head.

I am about 28weeks pregnant and growing very well. :-) I've only gained 16lbs. so far which makes me very very happy. Because Joshua was born 4weeks early the doctor wants to start keeping a closer eye on me since we will be nearing that 4wk early mark here very soon. Little Joel is very active and we all can't wait until he makes his appearance. He is now kicking so hard that you can sit and watch him move all over the place. The kids today saw him kicking like crazy and they thought it was so funny. Here is a picture of me at 7mo. pregnant. I thank the Lord so much for His blessings that He gives to me daily, for taking care of us, and constantly showing us that He cares.


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