Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here I am again giving another written update with no pictures. Right now I'm sitting at the library with great internet service, but it takes forever for blogger to upload pictures to my blog. Does anyone have the exact same problem with picture uploads? This is very frustrating, I will try to upload just five little pictures and after sitting and waiting for fifteen minutes, I give up. If you have any ideas, I would deeply appreciate it so I can try to solve this problem.

Right now we still live in this tiny little cabin. Our church is in Wellston, OH and Chris is now finished with his schooling. We would love to move to Wellston so we can be with the church and put more time and labor into it. The problem is - He's not getting a job yet and we don't know what we are to do. We so desperately need God's direction. We may have a land contract on a house that we can get and still have not heard anything more about that yet. If you think of us, would you please pray that God will lead us and very clearly show us His way. The kids start school in 4 weeks and I have no clue where to put them.

Besides all of the craziness, we are all doing great. The kids are having fun and enjoying the summer heat. It's so hard to believe that the summer is just about over. It seems like only yesterday that it had started. Well, this is all of my rambling for now. Hopefully, we will know something soon.

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Stephanie said...

Hey Girl,
Stay encouraged. We are praying that things will work out soon. And my advice for the kid's schooling...pull them around your kitchen table and give it all you've got! I know everyone has their opinion on that one, but you would do as good a job as anyone. :-)
As for blogger, I'm not an expert, but I have noticed that if I do one or two pics, things go pretty fast. I would rather do it that way than wait into infinity for 5 to upload. Hope it helps!