Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our life with no internet

Right now in our life, we have no internet and that is driving me crazy. The summer has flown by so fast that it's hard to believe. The kids start back to school in 6 weeks. Chris still doesn't have a job offer yet. We are really praying that God will still supply that need. Please pray with us. We need that job so we can move closer to our church.

The pregnancy is doing great. I want nothing but breakfast foods and nothing else. The baby is doing great so far and so am I. We will find out sometime next month of what we are having. The kids are so excited and can't wait for christmas time to arrive so they can have their new baby.
Chris is only 3 classes away from having his master's degree. He will be finished in August. The church is doing great and have alot of new people attending every sunday morning.

Hopefully we can get moved within the next month and get my INTERNET!!!!! Everyone have a great week or weeks. Depending on when I can get back on the internet.

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