Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nearing the end of 1st trimester

This past month has been a very horrible, exhausting, and non-productive month. I have been SO sick with this pregnancy. I have been in the hospital twice due to dehydration. Finally, after 3 medications at the same time, I have broken the cycle of sickness. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping I have turned a corner. My dear mom has been running my house and feeding my family. Thank you mom so much. It has been a big help.

We are nearing the end of the school year. The kids have two more days of school. They are pumped and so am I that we do not have early mornings for awhile. Tonight Madelyn graduates from kindergarten. It is so hard to believe that 6yrs ago so was still in my stomach and giving me such hassle and wanting to make her entrance to this world. She turns 6 on June 1st. She is such a wonderful person and I love you so much Madelyn.

Joshua still has to go another year to preschool because of when his b-day falls. But he LOVES school. He will throw a fit when he can't go. There is really not a minute that goes by through the day that he does not provide some type of excitement. The other day, he and his sister were playing hide-n-seek outside and Joshua decided he was going to hide in the back of pappy's big truck. Well, he ended up falling out and landed in the gravel on his head. Thankfully, he was ok and nothing was wrong with him. He loves his bicycle and loves the outdoors

As far as me and Chris. We are just trying to survive right now. We still don't know anything about a job for him, but one is looking promising. Hopefully, we will know something for sure next week. Really pray when you think about it that God will just work all of this out.

Well, for now. Hope all is well and hope to see some of you at Pilgrim camp in a few weeks. I still have no pictures to post because we do not have good enough internet to upload them. Hopefully once we get moved this summer that will change.

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