Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday Happenings

We are having a wonderful Christmas season. I have all the gifts bought except for Chris' stocking stuff. I started wrapping gifts last night. My brother flew in last night. It has been a long time since we have seen him and we're very glad to have him home.
We pastor a start up church. It has been going for 8 months. NO we do not have floods of people coming yet, but we do have a great start and we are enjoying it very much. We have a couple of people who attend faithfully 3x's a week. Then we have about 5 others who are there if weather permitting or if their schedule allows it. :-) There is one lady who can not come all the time due to her job, but very faithfully sends her tithe and she is not a christian. Well, since this is Christmas Sunday, we wanted to have a Christmas play. None of the other children came so it was just our kids. We didn't have any costumes so I brought bed sheets and towels from our house. Madelyn was Mary and Joshua was Joseph. We made Christopher (my client) a shepherd and Chris was an angel and he read the scripture. We did have a manger and used a baby doll for Jesus. And for our shepherd and Joseph's rods we used the handles off of brooms. It went very well and we enjoyed it alot. My kids came out and got stage fright. Madelyn did okay until she had to sing Away in a Manger. She has sung it so many times at church this month and has sang it so loud that she really didn't need a microphone, but she would not sing it this morning. Joshua had to be carried out and then we knelt down on the floor with his back to everyone and his head was on the floor. It was very cute. I have some pictures from our Christmas Sunday's events to show ya'll.

Madelyn as Mary

And here is Joshua with his head on the floor. :-)
Madelyn completely freezing on Away in a Manger. By the way, they sing in church 3x's a week. But this morning, there was no singing.
Did get to snap a face shot of Joshua sitting beside his pappy.

Our church, with it just starting up, obviously cannot afford to pay us. That is why I work full time and chris works and is trying to finish up his schooling so we can have a good income. But anyways, they try to do things for us every now and then. This morning they gave us a money tree with $106 on it. We were very surprised and also felt very very blessed.

Since we have gotten snow over the past couple of days. The kids wanted to play out in it. So we bundled them up 2day and out they went for 2hrs. They had a blast and my heart filled up with so much joy as I watched them out there playing until their hearts were content. I kept asking them if they were too cold to play and they kept telling me no and they wanted to play more.
Madelyn is going down the hill here.
Joshua going down the hill. I love his facial expression here. It shows absolutely joy and happiness as he is taking his little ride. You might have to actually click on the picture to get a better look at his face.

Joshua at the bottom of the hill getting ready to go back up.
Madelyn at the bottom of the hill. She was so cute. She kept helping Joshua with his sled so it wouldn't move as he got onto it. She would scream with glee as she went down the hill.
I have been trying to remind myself to just relax and enjoy those moments of complete joy with my children. Before we know it, they are going to be grown up and gone and I don't want to miss those times that I could have had with my kids if I would have just slowed down for them.

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Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

Cute pics! Don't you just love it when they freeze up on songs and stuff they have practiced and know frontwards and backwards!? LOL!
I completely agree with you about enjoying the 'little moments' with my children. Time is flying way too fast and I do not have a baby anymore! ;o( Have a Merry Christmas!