Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Thoughts

As I start the new year, my thoughts go back a long ways. I think of all the things that we have accomplished, the hard times that we have been through, the good things we have experienced this year. Then my mind goes back for the past 6yrs of everything that we have enjoyed, things that have come into our lives and gone out. I thank God so much for what He has given me. His strength in all the bad times, the wonderful moments throughout my life for the past 6yrs. I thank him for a wonderful husband, who understands my thoughts and needs. Who loves me for who I am and loves his children with everything he has. I thank the Lord for my kids that He has given me. They are so precious and bring such joy to our lives. I cannot wait for the next year and everything that it holds. I want to make sure that I savor every joyful, funny, growing, quiet moments that come my way. That I will hold onto God's unchanging hand through all the tough and trying moments that I may experience. I want to be a better mother to my children, a better wife to my husband, a better pastor's wife to my church and a better friend to all of my friends.
Well, enough of my rambling. I was looking back through my pictures on the computer and wanted to post two pictures of my kids that were taken in May of 2007. Madelyn would have been 1month shy of turning 2 and Joshua would have been 4mo. old.
I love this picture of Joshua talking to his grandma Becky. It is very priceless.

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