Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Thanksgiving weekend events

I know it has been awhile again since I have posted, but blogger really annoys me. It seems like it takes forever to upload your pictures. So I always put it off. I really didn't get pictures of Thanksgiving, but the Dewhurst girls had a breakfast the saturday morning after thanksgiving. It was alot of fun and we plan to make it a tradition. I did get some pictures of that days happenings.

Well, blogger won't let me put these pictures in order so here it is. This is Joshua and Grandma decorating her tree. After the breakfast, Erin and I went to Grandma's house to put up her tree for her. It was alot of fun.
Of course this is a precious little bundle, Maveryk, who was there also. He really didn't put much effort into decorating. But we enjoyed having him there.
This was at the breakfast. Three little monkeys. They have so much fun together.
Madelyn & Riley. They are the best of buds.
Here we are at the breakfast. Robin fixed us a great one and then all of us brought a dozen of cookies and we did a cookie exchange. It was absolutely a wonderful time.
Our wonderful grandma. I love her so much.
Another picture of our little Maveryk. He is so precious. I love him so much

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