Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua

Yesterday, the 21st. was Joshua's 2nd birthday. It is so hard to believe that he is two years old now. Time has flown by so fast. He is such a wonderful and precious little boy. It was on the 21st, two years ago on a Sunday morning at about 7am (just right before my alarm went off to get up for church) that I woke up with my bed soaking wet from where my water broke. This was way too early, I said to myself. He is not suppose to be born for another 4wks. Chris called his grandpa to come and preach for him and we called a lady in the church to come and stay with Madelyn. Called the grandparents and then headed off to the hospital in a BAD snow storm. Finally got to the hospital. I wasn't too bad, dialated 2 and very mild contractions. Then ended up giving me potosum (do I have it spelled right?) to speed me up. Then I got the great shot in the back. WONDERFUL!! He finally arrived at about 2:15p.m. with two pushes!! My parents got there 15min. late. They were pulling into the town as we called them so they could hear his cry. 5lb. 8oz. He had a little bit of a problem breathing, so they put him on an oxygen hood for two days, I.V. and a heart monitor. He got his food through I.V. and it was two days before I could hold him or feed him. He pulled through it and gained weight very fast. He is now a very strong boy weighing in at 27lbs. I thank God so much for the little life that He gave to us. I cherish him every day. Happy Birthday Joshua and Mommy loves you.

(I have pictures of him when he was a newborn, but evidently did not put them on my computer. I wanted to post one of him when he was in the hospital, but can't find it on the PC. And by the way, the day he was born was the day the Colts won their game so they could go to the finals. Chris and the Doctor was concerned that I would not have the baby in time so they could watch the game. :-) I had him in enough time. My Doctor and Joshua's pediatrician watched the game together. They were very happy the next morning when they made their rounds. :-)

P.S. His B-day party is next week. Post pictures about that after the party.


Jenna Dewhurst said...

ahhh I'm such a bad aunt!!! I forgot to call!!!! love him so much!!!!!
Happy Birthday Joshua!!!

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

I did not realize that he was 4 weeks early! What a cutie! I believe that it is spelled pitocin ;o) Have fun celebrating!

Beauchamps said...

Tell the lil guy we all said Happy birthday!!! Sorry so late!

Janella Thompson said...

Happy be-lated birthday Joshua!! He such a cutie. I am sure he is into everything. But he seems to be your calm one, and Madelyn your livewire. (Just a perception from a blogger reader.)

Sarah Cook said...

Wow... I hadn't checked your blog for a while, and just saw how much I missed. Your children are really growing up! How tall is your little girl? She looks very tall! My girls are very short! Glad to see you back!