Thursday, January 15, 2009

Barack Obama

A funny story from Madelyn:

The other day I was on the internet and there was a picture of Obama. Madelyn was standing beside me, watching, and she saw that picture and said, "Mom, I think I know him." I said, "That is President Obama, he will be our next President of the United States." She said, "No mom, his name is Barack Obama." Wow, I didn't know my child knew who he was or even what he looked like. Anyways, I said, "Well, your right. But he is our next president." She said, "I know him, but I have never met him before."

I was shocked. She is 3-1/2 yrs. old. It is not a surprise to me for her to know his name, but to place the picture with his name. WOW!!! It really cracked Chris and me up. We still laugh about it days later. You never know how much they are paying attention to things or even how much they pick up.

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jenna said...

she's so cute! I miss her!