Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back from our busy weekend

Hello everyone. It has been a very crazy weekend and crazy week so far. On this past Thurs. we loaded up and headed for Kentucky for Andrew Stroud and Sherilynn Stetler's wedding. With Chris and Andy being very very best friends forever, obviously Chris was in it and he was the best man. We had rehearsel Thurs. night, the wedding Fri. night, then we were up late visiting our best friends, Wesley and Shannon Webb, (whom we have not gotten to see for almost 3 yrs.) way up into the night. Sat. morning found us accidently oversleeping and we rushed out of there to head to Marion, IN. for Chris' cousin's, Derika Smith, wedding. That of course was only 15min. away from where we use to pastor in Fairmount, so we had lots of people to see. We got back home about 12:30 on Monday morning. We were very exhausted and just rested on Monday. Then on Wed. everything was going good and I heard Madelyn fall in the living room. Well, I didn't hear her cry so I didn't think anything about it. Until I heard the most horrible scream ever. I came running through the house and came into the living room and she sat by the piano bench with blood pouring down her face. She fell and hit her forehead on the corner of the bench and there was a very deep gash right above her left eyebrow. So we ended up in the ER. They glued it shut and it was a very rough (screaming) time. They wrapped her up tight in a sheet so she couldn't move and Chris and I had to hold her down. The worst part was the cleaning part. But we are over it now, she has quite the scar on her face. So now maybe we can get caught up from being gone and get ready for Madelyn's 3rd. birthday party this Fri. evening.

Madelyn and Joshua in the lobby at the hotel where we stayed for Andy's wedding.
Andy and Sherilynn (excuse the trophies in the back.) The wedding was gorgeous. They make such a beautiful couple.
A picture of the back of her dress. It was so beautiful.

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Julie said...

Wow, you've really had alot going on! Sorry to hear about Madelyn's accident. Almost the same thing happened to Amy when she was staying with my parents last week. She was standing on a bench and fell, hitting her head hard on the edge of the kitchen table. They glued her cut as well. I enjoyed the pictures from the wedding. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!