Sunday, May 18, 2008

I've Been Tagged

What was I doing 10 years ago: I would have been 13 years old. I was doing normal things that a girl at that age was doing. I also had a steady job of babysitting.

5 things to do today:
1. Pay bills
2. Do laundry
3. Make doctor appointments for me and Joshua
4. Get Madelyn's birthday party invitations ready
5. Clean out the fridge

Snacks I enjoy:
Dove dark chocolate candy bars,
ANYTHING else that is chocolate.(Hey, I had to at least get a fruit in there.)

If I were a billionaire:
I would pay off alot of things.
Give money to our conference for our new campgrounds,
Get Chris a new car for all of his driving for school and work,
Get my kids some things that they need and want,
Help my brother out with his TLC trip.

Bad habits I have:
Not getting up early enough,
Not getting rid of some things (junk),
Getting stressed out over the small stuff, and putting things off that I really hate to do.

Places I have lived:
Bluefield, Va.
Bramwell, WVa
Nellis, WVa
Bluffton, IN
Tocsin, IN
Floyd, Va
Westfield, IN
Sheridian, IN
Fairmount, IN
Zaleski, OH (currently live) (I was a pastor's daughter, reason for so many places.)

Jobs I have had:
P.A. at a nursing home
Sears Optical
House cleaning

5 more people I would like to know about:
I am not sure because all of my blogger friends have been hit.

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