Thursday, May 8, 2008

A few funny things...

Hello to everyone. My life has been really hectic these past few days. It always seems that there is never enough time for all of the tasks that have to be done. Joshua is learning to say more words. He is my late talker. He started walking before Madelyn did, but she started talking way before he has. It is very funny to watch him, because he wants to talk so bad. He says, "light, this, that, sis, dad, mom, papaw," Madelyn - you never know what she is going to say next. I have really been trying to work with her on her manners and she has been doing really well. Last night at church she was sitting on my mom's lap and I was turned around talking to someone before church started. And Madelyn was wanting to say something to me so she said, "Excuse me Mom." and I held up my finger for her to wait just a minute. She kept saying it over and over. Finally she looked at my Mom and said, "I don't think she understands." Many times if she is acting bad, she will come up to me and say,"Mom, I'm sorry for being grouchy." Oh, I love them so much. I would not trade staying at home with them for anything. They are so precious. Here are a few pictures. We are in Revival this week with Rollin Mitchell. He and his wife are also doing the singing. It is going really good and have very much enjoyed his messages and their songs.

My two little ones in the bathtub.

My kids with Bro. Mitchell. They sat on his lap for a long time and he played with them.
This would be after church on Wed. night. I think maybe he is getting exhausted from Revival. He looks so cute here, though.
One more thing that Madelyn said. She has really been on this thing of the story of Joseph. And I wish she would get on another one, because I am really getting tired of telling this story over and over. It is getting so bad that she tells it along with me. Oh well, many times it is told as she is trying to take her nap. So I don't go through Joseph's whole entire life. I stop after his brothers sold him into slavery. Well, one day I was telling it and got to my stopping point and she said this in a squeky voice and with her finger moving like she is calling someone to her. She said,"Come here Joseph, let's do bad things." I was like where did that come from because I had never told her that part. Come to find out, Chris told her that part. She is so hilarious. Well, I hope to post some more pictures in the next day or two. But this week is hectic because of Revival. Hope everyone has a great week.


Julie said...

Constance, your kids are so cute! I love reading about the things Madelyn says. Hope the rest of your revival goes good.

Telesa's Tales said...

The pictures are so cute! I love the one with Joshua asleep on Bro. Mitchell! Hope your revival went very well. I think I missed your call today. I checked my messages later. I'll try to catch you tomorrow! Today I was trying to recover from the busy weekend as I'm sure you were too!

scottandkris said...

Hey Chris,
Don't know if you remember us(Scott and Kristina Clemens), but it was so cool to catch up on your life. Our boys totally love, love, love, Brooklyn Sproles too. Best of mates.
Come visit us and let us know you've been there. Kristina Clemens