Tuesday, April 22, 2008

IHC Happenings and Home Happenings!

We had a great time at IHC this year. I believe it was the best in a long time. Of course, My kids did not have a clue of what it was. Last year, Madelyn wasn't quite two and Joshua was just 3mo. old. Madelyn kept saying, "This is IHC!" She very much enjoyed the children's services and she was going to go up on stage, but decided she wasn't while walking to the platform. We got to spend time with Chris' mom and sibblings. It had been awhile since we had seen them, so that was very nice to be able to see them again. Then we got to see all of our friends and my "Blogger" friends. :) Now all day Tuesday I did laundry and cleaning up from having company all weekend. It has been wonderful days and the kids have enjoyed it. Here are a few pics from IHC and of family.

Madelyn with her friend, Brooklyn Sproles. They had alot of fun together.
Another picture of them together. I think this one is my favorite.
Of course Joshua who eats all the time could not even stop for the service. Madelyn just chillin'. I think she actually did not care for me taking her picture here.
Madelyn and her Aunt Heidi. We went to Wal-mart on Friday and as we were going in, there was a couple coming out with a turtle sandbox. Madelyn said, "Grandma Becky, I want a sandbox." So guess what, we came out with a turtle sandbox, five bags of sand, and sand toys (can't forget the coloring book either.) She enjoyed her Grandma Becky and misses her very much.This is our dog, Sadie Rose. She is five months old. A full-blooded golden retriever that has enough energy for 10 dogs. She knocks the kids down and makes a horrible mess of the yard. We finally had to go and get farm fencing and put it up down the center of our already fenced in yard so Sadie could have the back part and the kids, us and our guest could have the front part. It is sad for the dog right now, but until she can get her puppy stage out of her, sad to say she will be like this. Don't worry, She has PLENTY of room to run. We have a HUGE yard. We split it down the middle.
Here are the kids enjoying their new sandbox. They have played with it so much in the two days that we have had it already.

Monday night, Chris cooked us fried cabbage and sausage over the fire (we have a fire ring in our yard)Let me tell you, it was really really YUMMY!!!:)


Trisha said...

Hey girl!

I enjoyed talking to you at IHC! I wish we lived closer so we could get together and Joshua and Nicholas could play! I enjoyed your pictures! Your kids are so cute!

Telesa's Tales said...

Hey! I like the IHC pictures! Your dog is also very pretty! And the sand box looks like a lot of fun and fun messes!!:) Hope your week is going great!

Leah said...

The pics of the kids are absolutely adorable!!
Wow! Chris must be quite a chef!

Martha C said...

I really enjoyed all the new pics. Wow! Kudos to the cook on the campfire. I know who to visit if we run out of electricity. :-)