Thursday, April 10, 2008

A lot of fun outside and in the dirt

I hope that all of you enjoyed a beautiful day today. My children enjoyed very much. They were outside all day long except for the one hour that they took a nap. We live in a single trailer that had alot of work done to it and still need help, the outside is horrible and we are in the midst of trying to plant grass seed, clean up the junk that the landlord has just left. It is really ugly outside, but I am blest with a HUGE fenced in yard. So I open up my windows and the kids play outside while I still get house work done. It is WONDERFUL!!
It was so cute, I went outside because Madelyn seemed to be having an attitude today. I asked her why she was having an attitude. This was her reply, "These ladybugs are driving me nuts and that's why I am having an attitude!" Ok. She also told me that her pappy was getting her a swing set and he was the boss. My dad said he didn't know where she got that from because he did not put it in her head that he was the boss. She is so cute. She states how she feels and that is for certain. I had to post the pictures below. I do not know if I have seen dirty kids like this for awhile.
Both of them enjoying the car.
Ignore the mess you see on the porch. Thanks to my children.Joshua really did not care for his sister to be holding him like this. I love the look in spite of it.
Isn't it wonderful?
This is my favorite. The sidewalk (it is just blocks) is getting ready to removed and concrete poured.
Madelyn's hands and feet had alot more dirt than the rest of her body.
They were so dirty that I had to put them in the tub, rinse them, get them out, rinse the tub, then feel the tub with water for a bath. They were literally turning the water brown. Yuck! I wanted to snap these pictures to show you what they can become from dirt to clean. They had alot of fun and very much enjoyed the day.


Jamie said...

Love the pics! Stay in touch. You're better at it than I am! At least I have a blog now.

sankey family said...

Cute! A little dirt never hurt anyone.

loree2000 said...

We have been enjoying the spring weather too! My kids go from 2 baths a week in the winter to 2 a day in the summer!! :D

GL, with the home improvements.