Monday, October 1, 2007

funny kids

Well, I am finally able to sit down and blog. I will be very glad when my life slows down. Here are some cute pictures of the kids that I wanted to put on here.

We were making one of our OH trips and I was sitting in the back with the kids and I looked over and Joshua was doing this (below). I laughed so hard. He was so funny looking. Thank goodness he posed long enough for me to get the camera.
Madelyn cheesin' in her new booster seat. She was so proud of her seat. She told her daddy, "This is my seat." She is so funny. The other day we were coming home and I looked back and she was tilted to one leg. I said, "Madelyn are you letting gas." She said, Yes, mom I stink and when I get home, I need to poop."
Joshua in his new car seat. He outgrew his infant seat. He still does not like his carseat. But he sure is cute in this picture.
Madelyn is eating a cheese stick and Joshua is eating a cookie. They are way too cute.
I laughed so hard when I saw Joshua doing this. My parents still do not having everything unpacked and Joshua pulled himself up to this mirror and he could not figure out how he was seeing another person. He was talking to himself and trying to get to himself.

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Trisha said...

wow..these are really cute pictures! Nicholas loves the mirror too. Its funny what appeals to little kids!