Monday, October 1, 2007

kids' fall pictures

I wanted to take fall pics of the kids so where Mom and Dad live they had this cute fall set-up and I took the kids and snapped some pics of them with my camera.

Here is Madelyn and Trinity (she is my parent's boss' little girl) They play together all the time.
This was my favorite picture of Joshua.

I thought this one was really cute, too of Madelyn.

Neither of them would do anything when I took their picture together. This was the best I could get of them two.


Martha C said...

These are really cute.

Trisha said...

You have such cute kids....I wish we lived closer so we could let our boys play together. I love the fall pictures...I hope everyone is doing good!

Sarah Cook said...

Very cute picts! Hey, I saw on an earlier post that you are younger than I am! I was a little suprised! You are so busy for being only 23!

Katie and the boys said...

I love the kids fall pis!!! Very cute~~