Saturday, August 11, 2007

swim party

Yesterday evening we went swimming. It was so hot outside that the water was even very warm. In fact the water was 80 some degrees, but it still felt good. Joshua just loved it. He kicked his legs and bounced around.
Chris is trying to teach Madelyn how to swim. She is not afraid of the water at all. That can be a good thing, but it can be scary to her mother.
She is jumping off the ladder into Chris' arm. She could do this all day.
We put the arm floats on her because she was going to the ladder herself and was jumping off. So we put these on her to help us relax. She went under a few times, but she loved every minute of it.
There they are, my three favorite people in the whole world.
All of us together. We just had a blast.
Chris and the kids. Joshua loved being on top of Chris' shoulders and Madelyn was trying to get them.
Chris and Joshua. They look so much alike.
Madelyn wanted to be in Joshua's turtle float. She is so crazy.
After swimming for an hour or so. Joshua fell asleep on my shoulder.
I forgot to turn this picture around, but Joshua still wrapped up in his towel is asleep in his carseat.
After we got out, we had pizza. Madelyn was trying her best to get the pizza opened.


Kristy said...

Looks like you guys had fun....we've been really hot too! Maddie is not quite so brave in the water...she is just starting to venture away from me with a life jacket on. ;)

Martha C said...

Sigh. . .What I wouldn't give to be in a "big" pool during these hot days!