Monday, August 13, 2007

Madelyn and a pony

Monday, Chris had a trip planned to the zoo with two teenage boys. He took Madelyn with him. She pet the sharks and did not want to leave them. Then Chris bought a ticket for her to ride a pony. He said she took the ticket from him, walked up to the gate, handed it to the man, got on the pony and rode it all by herself with just the man that worked there. Chris took this photo with his cell phone. She absolutely loved it. When they left the zoo, Madelyn said she wanted to go home and go to bed. Her daddy wore her out.


Trisha said...

You guys do so much with your kids! I love to see pictures of them! its hard to believe we already have kids...I still remember being at youth camp with you! I hope you all are doing good!!

About Me said...

Sounds like she's become quite Miss Independant at the ripe
old age of "2" :) How cute!