Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Last week the Baptist Church here in town had VBS, so I took Madelyn to it. She absolutely loved it. This was her very 1st VBS, she would come home so excited and tell her Dad about everything. She would even sing the OBEY song. This picture she is standing outside the church with her name tag on.The VBS was 2 1/2 hrs. long. All of the time was split up into different time segements. They did crafts, Bible story time, snack, recreation, and singing. Here below was recreation time. They were blowing bubbles. (everyone was divided up into groups - pre-K - Kindergarten, etc.)
The name of the VBS was Surfing with Jesus. It was set up like a beach scene. The kids are singing their songs. The songs were put up on a screen. At this time of each night, Madelyn said she wanted to watch a momie(movie).
This was Bible story land. The woman at the well was being told.
The kids were looking into the well to see if there was any water. Madelyn is standing there in the pink shirt.
Snack time yea! This night they had 7-up floats with snapping rocks on the ice cream.
Madelyn is making a water bottle holder. She loved the craft time. Many times she needed help, but she made sure she told me where she wanted things.

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