Monday, July 23, 2007

Family (engagement party)

David Smith (Chris' cousin) is holding Joshua. If he didn't have or was talking to Joshua, he was trying to get Madelyn to come to him.
Here we all are just hanging out. Chris' uncle Henry Smith (Derika, Dale and David's father) is the president of Indiana Wesleyan College. This is the presidents house in which they live in. This house has eight bathrooms and I don't even know how many bedrooms. You just about need a map to find your way through it.
Here is David bribing Madelyn with candy just so she will come to him. She had lots of candy that evening needless to say.
Later that evening we had a camp fire and had s'mores. It was a blast. We did not leave until almost two in the morning.
Chillin' by the fire.

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