Tuesday, July 31, 2007

fun and loving pictures

I was giving the kids a bath the other night and I had gotten Joshua out and after I got him dressed for bed I came back in and Madelyn had dumped two bottles of Joshua's soap into the water. She has this Dora doll that is made to go in the water and she said that Dora needed to be cleaned.
I have been trying to get the kids clothes together that they have outgrown and put them away for storage. This is what I have so far, 3 boxes and a tote and trust me there is still alot more to do. Madelyn wanted in the picture.
Joshua and Chris loving on each other. This boy loves his daddy very much. Many times he will grunt and scream until Chris comes and picks him up. I call them my two handsome men.
Chris was trying to have a phone conversation with his Dad and Madelyn refused to get off the phone. She talked non-stop. Here she is telling her Grandpa how she fell head first into a fish pond and her daddy pulled he out of the water by her feet. (she said that she talked to the fish while she was in the water.) She is absolutely the greatest.

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