Friday, March 30, 2012

A Simplified Life

I have been reading a wonderful book on my kindle called ORGANIZED SIMPLICITY. You can go to this site (I'm sorry if you cannot click on this. If you can't, just type it in, or go to my list of friends and click on simple mom) is where you can check it out or even on amazon. While I have been reading, I have been convicted. There is soooo much stuff that I need want, that it's crazy. I think to myself oh I need this or I really like this, etc etc. BUT once I get it and display it, I'm frustrated because it takes so long to clean house or I just start feeling like I'm a clutter bug.  On our nice warm/hot days, I want to be outside with the kids, but many times I find myself saying, "mommy has to clean the house" Believe me, I can't stand a dirty house, but many many times it takes soo long to clean, due to all of my "needs" that it just frustrates me and I get grouchy and overwhelmed and that isn't fair to my family. There are things that I hold onto and say to myself, "I don't want to get rid of this because I might use it someday or decide that I want to put it hear or whatever the idea may be. GET RID OF IT!!!! I have some decorations right now sitting against one of my living room walls that I have been saving for "later" use. I'm getting rid of them. I've had them forever, I don't like them. Then why in this world am I saving them? I want to make my life a lot more simplified and this book has put me into motivation gear of trying to start cleaning up around my house. I attacked a few jobs this week and here they are -

1.  As I have been washing clothes, I've been getting rid of clothes.
2.  I went through all of the kids arts/crafts/drawing supplies and placed them in a central location of the house in baskets/buckets with labels.  
3.  I also went from the kids clothes being in dressers to placing them in canvas totes with labels. 
4.  I made a kid cabinet in my kitchen where it is much easier for my kids to have access to their plates, cups, bowls, etc.

I'm very very proud of myself for accomplishing these things. Don't worry, I took pictures of it all and will post those hopefully in the next couple of days. I got rid of my computer and went to a kindle fire and it's hard for me to access my stuff so I'm trying to figure it out. Just be patient with me.


Jenny said...

I've been cleaning out, too. We have a very small house and it doesn't take much to get out of order. Well, that is, if it ever was in order. I read on someone's blog-"If it doesn't have a place, get rid of it."

Constance said...

I like that phrase. so true.