Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts in January...

Hello everyone. Hope that January is treating ya'll well. We seem to be getting quite alot of snow here in southern ohio. School has been cancelled several times. I believe right now Madelyn has to go until the 1st of June. Hopefully the snow will leave us soon.

Today is Joshua's 4th b-day (jan-21st). It's so hard to believe that he's that old. It seems like yesterday that we brought him home. He's such a sweet boy. Very lively and ornery, but very sweet. Happy birthday Joshua. Mommy loves you!

I have started school for nursing. Everything is going pretty good. Anatomy is very hard and very overwhelming. I just keep praying and asking God to help me make a decent grade.

Chris just recieved his diploma from ohio university. He is officially now a school teacher. Please pray that God will send a job his way very soon. A permenant job!

Madelyn is still doing very well in school. she's wonderful! Although she is like her father, she loves to torment her brother in a very quite way. Something that we most definitely have to keep an eye on that one.

Well you know, It might be another month. Life is full and I'm trying to juggle being mom, full-time job, school full-time, girl scout troop leader and all the other mtgs that go with the kids schooling. Hope that everyone has a blessed January. I do get on here quite often and check everyong else's blogs. I love them. I would love to post pics, but I need an easier way. It takes forever for pics to upload to blogger that I don't even mess with it. I would love to hear ideas on how to load pics up a much faster way to blogger.



Stephanie said...

Congrats to Chris on finishing school, and good luck to you as you begin!

Constance said...