Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Way

Hello to all of my blogger friends. I have been a little in the dumps over how difficult it is to blog. It takes forever to upload pictures(even 5 or 6 at a time) And because of all of the delays whenever I want to post, I just haven't posted. So I want to try to do a once a week post and kind of do it more toward a day book and possibly post a couple of pictures of the kids at the same time. I have been facebooking a whole lot more because that is alot easier, but I also don't want to give up my blog. I'm hoping this will work out. In the meantime, I'm trying to get everything together for my 'new' blog. I want to do my postings on sundays.

We have had a very busy week and month. It's so hard to believe that summer is almost over. This week has been full of kindergarten open house and orientations, work mtgs., shopping for school shoes, bank business, painting kids bedroom, cleaning, laundry, meals, etc. etc. The list never end. School start monday morning for Madelyn. She will be all day kindergarten. It's so hard to believe. It feels like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital. Mommy is having a hard time with all of it.

Joshua- starts 1/2 day preschool 2x's a week on tuesday. He's not ready for it, but he's going to go there in the mornings while I go to work mtgs. or office time. He will be in the same class that Madelyn was in and seems to be excited about it one moment and then not the next. We are still trying to work on the whole potty training and we have made alot of headway with it this week. Which excites this mama very much.

Chris - has started his internship for his college degree to become a special ed school teacher K-12. He only has 10 or 12 more weeks and then he can get a job. He is very excited about it and so am I. We see the light at the end of a very long 5yr. tunnel.

Until the next post... hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Mindy said...

Your kids are getting so big! Cute too.:) I thought I had you as a friend on FB, but I guess I don't. Glad to hear things are going good! Good luck to Chris on his internship! Have a great rest of the summer.:)