Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maveryk is very sick

Maveryk went in for his well check up on Tuesday. Everything was fine. Wednesday morning, he went to be circumsized and he was running a 101 temp and struggling to breath. They put him in an oxygen tent, but even with that his oxygen was still not at 100%. They started running all kinds of test and everything was coming back normal. The doctor called the children's hospital in Columbus, OH and they feel like with everything coming back normal, that he probably has H1N1 and they are catching it when it had just started. They wanted to life line him to children's hospital, but no helicoptors were available. So they sent the mobil ICU to get him. They have him stable and he seems to be doing much better. They have started rounds of the tama flu shots. I do believe that God has touched him. It was very scary last night, and it is still scary for all of us until he is home and much better. Please continue to pray for him. He is 8days old.


Sarah said...

Hi--- you don't know me but I got to your site from Holly and Timothy's... I kindof know Chris through Elizabeth Hamilton--- he came to see her and she was my teacher... Anyway was reading about Maveryk and my heart goes out to you and his parents- we just got our baby out of the NICU 2 weeks ago for underdeveloped lungs and am terrified of the H1N1--- will be praying for you all--- please keep updating!


Jenna Dewhurst said...

wow sarah that's crazy! and since constance isn't updating, I'll do it. Maveryk is doing much better and is out of the hospital. I'm not really sure about the details.