Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Happenings

What a busy weekend. And I am a few day behind on posting on our happenings. We had a great weekend, the weather was beautiful. Hasn't it been very warm for October? The whole weekend here, it was in the 80's. Friday started our weekend. The kid's and I took Chris to school and while he was there we did a few things in town. One of them was going to the park.

Joshua cheezin'

Sorry about the blurry picture. This tree was in the park and I thought it was so pretty.
They have those mirrors that make you look short and fat or tall and skinny. The kids loved them and I thought it was neat how you can see two of them.

After we picked up Chris from school, we went to Rutland to visit the family there. Joshua and Lincoln, they had been jumping on the bed. They are roughly about 1 - 1 1/2 mo. apart.

Then on Saturday, we went to the Bob Evans Farm Festival. It was really neat, but VERY VERY HOT!! The kids got tired very quick so we didn't stay for very long. We live only 45min. from it so it wasn't like we drove hours to get to it.

Madelyn riding a pony. She enjoyed it very much. Joshua was going to ride one, but he started stiffing his legs up and screaming as loud as he could.

Madelyn petting a horse
Joshua had been looking at some sheep
My mom, Joshua, and Madelyn (I think my mom was saying "Hee Hee") :0)

That is the conclusion of our weekend. And now I am trying to catch up on all of the laundry. I have one more load to do. :0)

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