Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In response to the annoynomous comment

In answer to the comment that was left on my blog about Halloween, hop over to my husband's blog He has researched this very extensively and has posted it and made comments.


Katie and the boys said...

I feel trick-or-treating is a fun harmless kid thing to do and I am holiness!!!

Anonymous said...

Halloween emphasizes fear, terror, death, and destruction. I see nothing in the celebration of Halloween that glorifies Christ. While it may seem innocent to go trick-or-treating--it is partaking in one of Satan's most evil nights of the year. Christians are supposed to set themselves apart from wordly practices. Christmas and Easter are times to glorify God, by celebrating the Resurrection and Jesus' Birthday, not Santa and the Easter Bunny.

I don't think it's right to call one a hypocrite for NOT celebrating Halloween. There are many relevant Scriptures dealing with the issue of Halloween that should be enough for a Christian to not want any part of it. There are better things to do with your time than dress up like something you're not and eat a ton of candy.

As far as the days of the week go--what other option is there? We have the option of whether or not to celebrate an evil-filled night, but there are not exactly alternatives to naming the days of the week.

I'm sorry for sending you "over the edge". I wasn't "excommunicating" you for anything.

Here is a good list of reasons NOT to celebrate Halloween.

Julie said...

Mollie loves trick-or-treating and I see nothing wrong with it. I have emphasized to her that it's more of a "fun" day and not a "special" holiday like Christmas. Please don't worry about what your lurker is saying. If they keep bothering you, you might want to think about moderating your comments. That way you can decide if you want it posted. It's too bad that it comes down to that but when people try to tell you how to live but don't want to identify themselves, what else can you do?

Anonymous said...

First off let me say - You are wrong, I do NOT have a strong background in the Holiness movement.

I made no harsh statements at all. Everything I said about Halloween is true, it promotes all the wrong things. Take a look down the Halloween aisle the next time you go to the store. You won't see anything that glorifies Christ. How is standing up for Christ and standing against the evils of Halloween un-Christ like? Calling people names is un-Christ like.

I've made my point clear, and we each have our own opinion. My decisions are based on Scripture. I think no less of you for what you are celebrating but I hope our discussion will make you think a little more about the whole issue of celebrating Halloween.

Thanks for your time and allowing other's to share their views.

No, I'm not leaving my name and location, after all, why would you need it if you don't want me to ever visit your page again?

Jenna Dewhurst said...

You obviously disagree with Halloween. I'm VERY glad that God has given you convictions, they're a sign of a healthy relationship with him. However, next time you want someone to "see the light," I would suggest takeing it to God. Wow, can you just imagine how much more effective this would have been if you would've let God take care of it? To me the point is not "is or isn't halloween bad?" I'm not makeing that statement either way. The point is, when things bother us we should take them to God. When you take things into your own hands, it's inevitable, you'll only mess up terribly! From reading this all I see that only hurt was accomplished. I see absolutely nothing being accomplished for God.
How sad!