Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A great time with Uncle Ricky

My brother flew in from Florida last Saturday. He has been here all week and we will also get to spend time with him at Youth Challenge. We haven't seen him since Christmas, so it has been a long time and we have had a great time with him these past few days. The kids have absolutely loved their time with Uncle Ricky. In fact, Madelyn was choosing to do things with him over doing them with my dad. (I think it kind of hurt his feelings a little.) She told my dad that, "they were going to play frisbie." And he said, "Oh we are." She replied with, "No, not you. Just me and Ricky." She later told him that when her and Ricky were done playing then he could play. We were there every day and he came and spent the night with us one night, also. Today I am staying at home and trying to get some housework done, etc. Anyways, here are some pictures of the past few days, I hope you enjoy them.

This is our bonfire we had one night. It was really nice. Madelyn roasted her own marshmallows and did a very good job at it. Sorry, I never did get a picture of that part.
Pappy with his two "pride and joys".
Joshua playing on the golf cart. He loves this thing and wants his pappy to take him for a ride on it all the time.
Pappy and his buddy resting for a little bit. (A little secret, my dad had been asleep, also. He had just gotten off of work.)
Nana and Joshua
Pappy and Joshua grilling our supper one evening.
My brother. He can be a weirdo. Love ya, bro.
Joshua and Ricky. Ricky was really cold. It wasn't really that cold for a hat, but hey when your use to the WARM Florida weather I guess it does feel really cold here.
Madelyn and Ricky. I loved this picture of them.

Ricky and Madelyn playing basketball. I think he was showing her some tricks.
Joshua kept saying, "Ball, Ball."
Madelyn and Ricky raked some leaves. Madelyn told him to let her do it because it was really hard. So he laid down and she piled all of these leaves on top of him. This is the end result.
She loved it.
I don't know if you notice all of the wood neatly laid on the fire ring. Well, Joshua did all of that. He carried the wood and placed it on the fire ring so he could help his pappy out. Then he went over and got his seat and pulled it over by the ring and sat down. He is so cute.

Ricky reading a book to Madelyn on Sunday afternoon. And mom that dinner was really good. Thank you. :-)

Don't you love this picture of my brother?
I believe Madelyn was watching Ricky do something with the basketball.
I love this picture of Joshua. He has a very focused look on his face.
This is all I have until this weekend. I must finish the packing for Youth Challenge, plus we have church tonight. Hopefully, I will see some of you at YC. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.


Telesa's Tales said...

Neat pictures!! Ricky looks more like your mom!! A lot like your mom! You look a lot more like your dad. Looks like the kids really liked rikcy!
Hope you guys really enjoy youth challenge. Remember me while I'm back home cleaning, packing, etc!~!

Jenna Dewhurst said...

hey looks like you had a great week! looks like fun! oh, i agree with telesa, ricky looks so much like your mom. I guess I never noticed that before.
love ya

Jenna Dewhurst said...

ok...I know I already left a comment, but I really miss you guys!!!! cry cry