Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching up and Madelyn's 3yr. old pictures

Well, it is Wednesday and we have been home for three days after being at youth camp and family camp for two whole weeks. We had alot of fun at youth camp with all of the teenagers and saw alot of victories. Tuesday night was our best service. God came on that service and we saw I believe 5 or 6 open and closed alter services. It was wonderful. Then of course we had a great family camp. Madelyn and Joshua had fun with all of their friends and uncles and aunts from South Dakota. Chris' family came in for camp and it was so wonderful to see and spend time with them again. Hopefully we will get to go out there in Sept. and see their new house they just moved into. I enjoyed the shopping day with my good friend Julie Sproles. It is a camp thing, we go shopping and go out to eat one day during camp. While the guys, keep the kids. :) I had alot of fun. It was good to spend time with you again Julie. Then it was alot of fun, (Ralph and Belinda) for us to be sent to bed by the guard. :) Anyways, it is good to be home even with all of the piles of laundry and mail. Anyone want to apply for a job? :) Hopefully everything will be caught up before the holiday weekend.

I have below Madelyn's 3yr. old pictures. She did very well. The scar on her left side above her eye is from her run-in with the paino bench, which had to be glued back together.(her forehead, not the bench) I did not post all of them. These are just my favorite ones.

This is my favorite one.


Telesa's Tales said...

hey girl. sorry i haven't talked to you for so long. i tried a new phone server, (Vonage)....don't try it. JUNK! So I have to wait several days for phone service or internet service!!hee I'm at my aunts, down at my mom's. Hey, love the pictures!! She is adorable! How was camp?? Hope to talk to you soon girlfriend!!

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

very cute pictures! Shes a cutie

Janella Thompson said...

i love the one of her sitting up in black and white. SO CUTE!!!!