Monday, August 20, 2007

putt-putt golf

This past Thursday was my birthday. Chris grilled out and then Friday night we took the kids putt-putt golfing. It was alot of fun. This was Madelyn's first time of putt-putting and she enjoyed herself very much. Here below, Chris is showing Madelyn how to hit the ball. A couple of times she got a hole in one.
Madelyn standing and watching her daddy hit the ball.
She is learning. All that mattered was that she was having fun.
This picture below was so funny. She ran up to the top where the hole was and was telling Chris where the ball was suppose to go. He told her that he was very glad that she showed him because otherwise he probably would not have known where to hit the ball to.
She got quite frustrated with this yellow loop. She could not get the ball to go through it so she eventually picked the ball up and put it in the hole herself.After we golfed, we went to Dairy Queen and got their new chocolate covered waffle bowl sundaes. Let me tell you, they are a piece of heaven on earth. I got the fabulous fudge and Chris got the turtle one. The turtle is alot better. It has carmel under and on top of the ice cream. Roasted pecans and cool whip. They are three dollars, but they are absolutely worth it. If you have not tried it you need to go and get you one. Below is the one that I had. YUMMM!!!!!
Madelyn enjoying her ice cream. Joshua enjoyed it himself. If you did not keep it in his mouth, he let out this high pitch scream.

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