Sunday, June 10, 2007

Swimming in the pool

When we went to mom and dad's house, we took the car because it was cheaper in gas, but it has no air conditioner. I looked back and was able to snap this picture. Madelyn was really getting mad because the wind was blowing her hair everywhere. It was quite funny.

My brother was in from Florida and so while we were all together, we went swimming at my parent's friends house. It was a huge in groun pool. It was a blast.
Here is Mom and Dad with Madelyn.
Mom and Madelyn
Dad and Madelyn. And it looks like someone is splashing in the back. Joshua really did not care for the water. So here he is chillin' in the little sitting toy.
And his carseat on the swing. He is getting so big. It is hard to believe he will be five months old on the 21st of this month. Here is Madelyn in the turtle float. She had a blast in the water.
They put this little slide out for her so she could slid into the water. I think she did this the most. Although she did go down the big slide a few times. She put her float ring around her and went down it. She loved every minute of it. She kept saying after we left. "I want to go swimming."

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Martha C said...

That pool looks wonderful!