Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Once we finally got there, of course everyone was excited to see the kids. It had been since Christmas when we last saw everyone. This here is Chris' sister Michelle.
Here is Chris' other sister Audrey and her baby Paeyton. (By the way, Chris is the oldest of nine children in his family)
This is Madelyn and Paeyton. They are 2-1/2 mo. apart. They had lots of fun together.
Here are all the grandkids. The boy and girl on the left are Indian children. There mother lived with my in-laws for a few years when she was 16yrs. old. (L-R) Isaiah, Jessica, Joshua, Paeyton, and Madelyn
After we got done with the pictures they wanted to jump. I think this is the main thing they did all week. Madelyn loved it. As soon as we get us some poperty or a bigger house we are going to get her one. We live in a trailer park right now and they won't allow it.

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