Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My mother-in-law had not seen Joshua, so on Chris' break from spring and summer semesters, we went out to South Dakota. The kids were wonderful. We drove 17-1/2 hrs. each way. You never knew they were in the vehicle. Here is our Wisconsin mouse sign. Of course we had to stop and get Chris some cheese curds.
Here is our South Dakota welcome sign.
Joshua, while on vacation, was trying to roll over. I caught this on camera, he is on the hotel bed trying his best to get it accomplished. He finally succeeded one week later. He rolled from his back to his belly.
This is our faithful port-a-pot. Madelyn had just been potty trained for about two weeks. So weent to the goodwill and got this potty seat for $3.00. And when ever she needed to go to the bathroom, I just climbed to the back of the van, unbuckled her and set her on the potty and she did her business. It was wonderful. We never had to stop for her.

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