Friday, May 4, 2012

A few changes

I have been a little concerned with having my children's name up on my blog and I will tell you why. One day I decided to google myself and I didn't like what I found. It gave a list of people I was related to, where I had lived and I'm not sure what else. There are such things out there as child predators and what if somehow they came across my blog and saw our names and was able to track us down. I just have been really nervous about it. So I have decided to just label my children for now as 1,2,3. And not give too specific details of our life. I would like to just start a new blog that didn't even have our name in it, but I haven't decided fully. So if I happen to mention my children in my post, I will be referring to them as the number that they fall in line. I know this may be a little weird, but I would like to just take extra precautions.

Now I do have my may menu to post and my grocery shopping. Just hold on to yourself, all of that will be posted through this weekend. I decided today that I wasn't going to do much of anything except try to get my house in order. I am here to tell you that it's not totally in order, BUT it sure is closer than it was Friday morning. Hopefully I can get it completely finished this weekend.

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