Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reflecting On My Life

As I sit here on this windy, freezing Sunday afternoon; I think to myself how crazy my life is from day to day. Here I am, a mother of three children (one of them only two months old), a full time job (taking care of someone with cognitive disabilities. She lives with us 24/7), pastor's wife, and home school Madelyn. How in this world can I get my life to try to run smoothly? Well, I'm sure that is the question that keeps rising to the surface in most mother's lives and none of us really know the answer. I have decided that I can't get myself in a tizzy over every little thing that doesn't get done. There are days where all I get done- Madelyn's schooling, a load or two of laundry (that gets put on the couch waiting to be folded), a load of dishes and supper done. Normally someone can hold Joel so I can fold the laundry in the evening and clean up from supper. When I put my kids to bed that night, I feel pretty accomplished for the handful of things I got done. My husband is completely surprise by my new "outlook on life" attitude. I use to get in a huge TIZZY if everything on my list didn't get accomplished that day or my house went two days in a row without being straightened up, or things came piling in all of a sudden that needed my "911" attention.

I'm trying to slowly put us on a schedule of some sort. One where the kids have chores and scheduled creative activities to do instead of them running and hollering through the house driving my nerves on the very edge of the road. :-) One of the things that I have learned to do is make a monthly meal plan and go grocery shopping once a month. It is a job, but I LOVE it. I hate going to the grocery store every week or two weeks. It takes up too much of my time. I think that will be my next post. Give you gals an idea of what I do for a month concerning meals. Check back later this week on that subject.

For now, I'm enjoying my three wonderful children. Holding Joel every time he fusses and have him look up at me and coo and laugh makes it all worth it.

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