Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Week

Color - I'm so ready to see it again outside again.

Our week started out ok. We moved to a little two bedroom cabin, two floors for right now. Where we were living was not working out so well, so for now we are living here until chris gets a job and we can actually get a place. We live here on the campgrounds where my parents live. So yes, we moved. We had a school epidemic and then madelyn was sick with the belly ache and 102 temp. Dead battery on the van, had to take madelyn to school with me one day. It goes and goes and goes. Several times this week, I truly felt like Job. God has been wonderful to us and has helped us tremendously. I am hoping with all my heart that this week goes a little better.

Anantomy is about ready to kill me. Please pray that God will help me this week in it.

Tomorrow starts a new week. Everyone back on their normal schedules and I am looking forward to that so much.

Outside it is so dreary and wet. I am definitely ready for spring. I did see some robins today so hopefully spring will be here very soon. Right now as I'm typing, my kids are hyper and that seems to be the norm for around here these days. They are done being stuck in the house and ready to be outside.

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