Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our week

I am really having trouble loading pictures up onto my blog. I'm not sure what is going on. This makes my 4th try and nothing will happen. Since I have no pictures, I will just give you a writing journal of our week. Last week, was wonderful. We got alot accomplished. Cleaning out closets for the goodwill or garage sale. Now mind you, those things now need to be organized and put into totes.

Chris' sister, Jenna, came in from GBS for the weekend. It was nice having her here and the kids most definitely enjoyed her.

The kids were able to color easter eggs and had a blast. They went to an egg hunt on Saturday with their cousins.

And of course, hasn't this weather been nice. Madelyn & Joshua have enjoyed their trampoline and the sand box. We had a bon fire on Friday night and enjoyed S'mores! :-)

Easter was wonderful. Had great services and enjoyed a dinner with mom and dad. The kids loved their easter baskets. They got three this year. One from us, one from nana & pappy, and one from aunt Jenna. In all it was great and looking forward to another week.

Hopefully I can get this picture thing straightened out and put some up here soon.

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