Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making a Christmas List

What a familiar looking site. It is just about that time of year and to be exact this thursday will be 11 weeks until Christmas. I am trying to get everything done here and get my shopping list together so I can start buying for those that need bought for here. We are doing alot of name drawings this year which I am very thankful for, it will definitely lessen the cost of Christmas. I took the kids to the store tonight and they showed me what they wanted for Christmas. This picture below, my kids did not write this. I found it off of the web. I think that my kids asked for just about everything. All Joshua could do was point to what he liked. :-) We had fun and I am glad that we did it now so I can pass out their list to those that have their names.


Julie said...

I can't believe how close we are getting to Christmas. I really need to get started on my shopping. That's a neat idea about taking your kids to the store to see what they want. I'm sure my kids would ask for everything too!

Sarah Cook said...

I think whoever that kid was, must have a thing for Barbie.
My girls would want everything, too, I am sure... especially if it looked princessy (Faith) or has to do with Dora the Explorer (Charity). And, definitely, if it has something to do with candy or gum!