Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I saw Sarah Palin today!

Today Chris and I left the kids with a babysitter and we headed out at 9a.m. this morning and headed toward Chillicothe, OH. We got there at around 10a.m. And we started lining up at 11:40. Entered the gates at 1p.m., the rally started at 2:30p.m. and Sarah Palin spoke at 3:30p.m. It was very cold and we were froze half to death from standing in the cold for about 5 hrs. GO SARAH PALIN!!!! There were tons of people there and of course there were all kinds of Secret Service Agents, State troopers, city police, and snipers that were on tops of the buildings. I am so glad that I went to see her.

Here is the line that was behind us and we were pretty close to the front. By the time it was time to go through the gates, the line was MUCH longer.
The line in front of us.
These are some secret service men standing at the gates.
Chris standing in line. Doesn't he look thrilled. :-)
Some of the snipers on top of one of the buildings. They were looking around constantly with binocholers.

Someone dressed their child up in an elephant costume. He looked so cute.
Okay, this one is really cheesy, but we were freezing and we were really close because of all of the people. This would be us trying to stay warm.

Another sniper.

I thought this sign was so funny.

The red and white pom-poms waving in the air.

The great and wonderful SARAH PALIN!!!
Don't you love her buckeye necklace.
She said the weather here made her feel like she was back at home in Alaska. It definitely was cold.

Her husband Todd.
Don't you love the look on one of Sarah Palins personal guards face.

Another personal guard, actually two of them. The black man and the one right beside him with glasses. By the way, as she made her way around to shake hands, etc. There were also more guards going through the crowd not to far from her. Two of them stood right behind me and they were so close, they were breathing down my neck and the one had one of their hands on my behind. Let me tell you, they were very serious about their job and they really didn't care what you wanted to do. You moved for them so they could keep up with Palin or they would just move you themselves.

She was right in from of us signing papers, posters, etc.
They were giving out these hats before we entered the gates. Chris got one and guess what. Sarah Palin herself signed it. We were so close to her that he could hand the hat to her hisself and she thanked Chris for coming. Now I on the other hand could not reach her because I had the personal guards behind and in front of me.


Leah said...

Great pictures! Looks like an awesome experience. Glad you were able to go and support her! I was laughing at her guards being so close and "hands-on"! :)

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

That is really col that you got to see her! My sis went to a rally in Ft Wayne that was MAJORLY crowded as well! She loved it! Go back to our archives and read New Direction for our family and you will see where we are moving too! ;o)

Jenna Dewhurst said...

cool beans!!! wish I was there!!!
I'm not digg'n the cold though!

Adam & Val said...

Funny that you happened to grab a picture of that "someone" who dressed their kid like an elephant. That someone is Jeremy...he was raised in our church and his parents still attend. His dad is on our church board and we are very close to them!!

Telesa's Tales said...

Awesome~! You got some good good pictures of her!! Need to send me one!! I'll frame it for history, hopefully "current" history sake in a couple weeks! She is such a beautiful women I think and intelligent!

Michele said...

So cool! I've gotten to go to a few rallies and it really gets you excited and gives you hope! Thanks for sharing your great pictures!

Heather said...

Cool pictures!! The only time i saw Sarah was when John McCain called to be VP at the Nutter Center in Dayton. That was fun. We didnt get close like you did. How do you put so many pictures in one post? I can only get 5 pictures in one post. I dont know how to cahnge it.

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you got to see Sarah, my husband and I saw her as well and it was a sureal moment to be there. We got within 5 feet of her at one point, but she was done signing autographs. Your kids are adorable!

Rachel (Hirschy) Myers