Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mommy's angels and Daddy's helpers

It has been a very crazy week. Last week we were in Revival with Bro. & Sis. Walden. They did a wonderful job preaching and singing to us and the Lord really helped them. This week, we have been catching up on all of the little things. Joshua has been sick, we actually had to take him to the ER during Revival because he was wheezing. He just had an upper respitorary infection, so they put him on some medication and he seems to be doing alot better now. I have a few pictures here I wanted to share with everyone. The other night before church, I snapped some of the kids.

My beautiful kids! :)

These are Daddy's little helpers. Chris was doing some yard work and they love to get out there and do whatever they can to help.
Especially when it has to do with the wagon.
They are so cute. They do anything to try to please us.

I am not sure what they were doing here, but they were cuddled up on the chair and it was too cute to pass up.
A little story on Madelyn: Yesterday we were eating some supper. We were just having some leftovers and Chris had the cheeseball out and Madelyn asked for some of it on a cracker. Well, she also wanted some spaghetti and meatloaf, too. She tasted the cheeseball and laid it down and said, "My stomach is hurting, I want some of that." She was pointing to the meatloaf and spaghetti. I chuckled and said, "If your stomach is hurting than you can't eat that." She looked at me and said, " My stomach is hurting just for the cheese and crackers, but not for the other stuff." I laughed so hard and she was being so serious because she didn't even laugh herself. The things they say and do sometimes. I could not ask for sweeter kids than what I have.

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Andrew-n-Hannah said...

The pictures are so cute. I can't wait for Chastity to reach the stage where she can toddle around after us! I will then become even busier, but it will be so much fun too!