Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A lot of exciting things

We have had a really great week and weekend. Chris has been out deer hunting. It is bow season right now and he is out hunting just about every evening and all day on Saturdays. Madelyn says, "Dad I want you to shoot a deer and kill it so we can eat it." She also tells her daddy that when she gets big enough, she is going to get her a bow and go deer hunting. :) She is so cute, but hey I can't blame her much. I love to shoot a bow and I plan on getting me one within the year so I can go hunting next year. Anyways, I have a few pictures to show you. We went to Chris' grandparents house on Friday and spent the whole day there and then on Saturday, my mom, the kids and I went shopping for winter clothes for the kids. We had a great time.

I got my fall display up outside yesterday and I took some pictures so you could see it. Never mind the burn barrel you see and our landlords other trailer that just sits there. :(

This is Chris' cousin Brian's little baby, Luke. He is about 2mo. old I believe now. He is very cute and we all love him. I love his smile here. He had just awakened and his grandma was talking to him and he was loving it.

Chris' grandpa has a four wheeler and Chris took the kids on a ride. Needless to say, they did not want to get off of it. They LOVED it.!
Lincoln and his mommy Shannon (Chris' cousin) He is so cute and talks VERY WELL. He is 2mo. older than Joshua.
Just look at that grin.
Madelyn and Lincoln riding the toy four wheeler.

Saturday when mom and I went shopping we passed this eating place on the way to the mall. We have heard that they are very very good and people talk about them all the time. Well, as you can see from the pictures we didn't really ever want to stop...
This school bus below, it is connected to the building and you can go inside the bus and eat. Also they let you sign your name ANYWHERE you want on the inside of the restaurant.
This is an old car they have sitting out front. Well, I talked mom into stopping on the way home and getting hotdogs. The place is actually VERY clean on the inside and the hotdogs were GOOD. We just got a to-go order because the kids were tired, but I do plan on going back and eating inside. It is really a cool place.
Well, on for my shopping story. We went to Target, Marshall's (like a T.J. Max), shoe dept., old navy. I got a few things at each store that was on clearance, but my biggest shopping deal was at old navy. Everything I got (except for the kids' socks) was on clearance. I had a coupon that if your total was $100 or more you got 40% off. My total came up to $110. I had $110 worth of clothes and they were all clearance items and I paid around $68 for all of it. Was I ever excited. Hooray for coupons. These brown shoes below, I got at Marshall's for $7 for Madelyn.
And these boots were $35 boots and I got them for $14 at the shoe dept. They need a few more things, but hopefully we will get those in the next couple of weeks.I hope you guys had a great weekend. By the way, I started the thing on my blog that tells me when each person has updated their blog. It is WONDERFUL!! I love it. Thanks for whomever that shared this great thing with us.

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Jenna Dewhurst said...

Everything looks so festive! Glad your life is good right now!!! Much love!