Monday, August 18, 2008

The 4-H Fair

I took the kids to the Fair this past week with their cousins. They had so much fun. They enjoyed the pigs and cows, cotton candy, playing the games and of course riding the rides. And we can't forget the time they were with their cousins. Madelyn cried and cried after we left. She wanted to stay and we had already been there for HOURS!

Here is Madelyn on the Berry-go-round. She loved it so much. I thought it would make her sick, but she got off of it excited and running.
Joshua "driving" the train. He cried when he had to get off of this. They rode it 3 times.
Merry-Go-Round. They rode this one a couple of times.
Joshua. I stood beside him on the ride. If I looked down during the process, I got dizzy.
This ride here, I thought would be to scary for Madelyn. She begged to go on it and finally I let her. You are in this swing and the more you go around the higher you get, the higher you get, the faster you go. She laughed through the whole thing. She said, "I was going very fast and I was up really high, mommy." She is a little dare devil.
A little higher. I couldn't get a picture when she was really high, because she was going way to fast for me to capture it.
She is nearing the end of it.
Madelyn and her cousin, Riley.
Madelyn and Riley on the dog ride.
Madelyn, Riley, & Joshua on the car ride. Joshua was really mad when it was over.
The three muskateers on the train.
Madelyn climbed all the way up this big slide and slide down it by herself.


Julie said...

Looks like your kids really enjoyed the fair. Mollie loves rides like that too. I thought it was cute how Joshua didn't like it when the ride ended. He is a little doll. That big slide looked really neat.

Dannyandliz said...

Hi Constance!

This is Elizabeth(Hirschy)Flowers.
I read your blog quite a bit and enjoy seeing the pics of your kids. They are getting so big! We just started a blog. Feel free to check us out! We now have a newborn and our days are busy!;o)

Telesa's Tales said...

I can't believe Madelyn rode all those high rides! Savannah would have been terrified! Looks like they had a good time and they are so cute!