Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who am I?

By the way, Happy Birthday to my dad. Dad you have a been a great father to me and I love you very much.

Wow, my life has been so crazy for the past two weeks. We had V.B.S. and then my two kids were sick, vomitting, etc. We did all kinds of work to our yard. Our landlord still had a bunch of his stuff in our shed, which meant we could not get our stuff in it. And all of our stuff was around our porch. (That really makes your house look nice.) Finally the shed was cleared out, Chris tore down the walls and put new ones up and all of our stuff in put away. Yay! :) Mom and Dad were here for supper on Sun. It was a combined birthday dinner for my Dad and Chris. I fixed meatloaf, brocolli n' cheese, mac n' cheese, salad, and banana creme pie for dessert. Monday went pretty well, but I went to bed Monday night vomitting and my stomach cramping all night. I woke up Tuesday morning vomitting. And I have laid around all day with my stomach cramping. Over the weekend, I had a stye on my eye. That started on Thurs. It hurt and was swollen a little, Friday - my eyelid had double its size and it hurt even worse, Sat. - It had tripled its size and I went to the ER and they gave me eye drops for it. I have to use those every six hours for five days and cannot wear my contacts. So I have to wear glasses for five days which I utterly hate. I think I am caught up for now. There are quite a few pictures below from our crazy weeks.

Here is the way my eye looked when I went to the ER this past Saturday. I couldn't even get my contact in then. It was quite horrible and very painful. I have never had a stye before and never want one again. By the time Sat. had come the stye had moved from the outside of my eyelid to underneath it on top of my eyeball.

This is Madelyn and her friend Zoe from church. We went to their house for dinner and the girls enjoyed playing together. Doris fixed a wonderful meal of enchiladas and they were wonderful. Thank you Rick and Doris for a great evening.
It is so funny because Joshua loves sunglasses way more than Madelyn. He is also getting into this baby thing. He wants to hold a baby like his sister does. We were getting ready to leave for church here and this is the way he walked into church, also. He is SO CUTE!
Madelyn with her baby in its carseat and the diaper bag. She actually has a real bottle in that diaper bag. And her baby always has to sit between her and Joshua in the car. She is going to be a great mother one day.
This was so cute. Chris and I overheard Madelyn telling Joshua his name and she was showing him how to count. I was able to snap this picture before they saw me. As you can see, they have Madelyn's computer and she was "teaching" him a few things. She always thinks she is the mother.
I was doing laundry one day and was coming through the hallway when Madelyn was taking some of our clothes and putting them in her washer. She said, "Mommy, I am doing laundry, too." I love her so much. She always wants to be doing what I am doing. (Joshua is standing by making sure it is done right. 8)
This is a very funny story. Chris had made him a milkshake and the kids wanted some drinks. So he decided they could all drink out of it at the same time. They enjoyed every minute of it. The funny thing is, long after it was all over, I went to the fridge and opened it and there sat....
my mixer. He had placed the mixer in the fridge when he put back the milk. I laughed so hard when I saw it. I love you babe! You are so awesome.
We had some Bob Evans gift cards so on our shopping day we decided to go there and have lunch and have some dessert. We live 40min. (one way)from our big shopping town. So once a week we all load up and do our weekly grocery/neccesities shopping. Go to the library and try to get an ice cream.
Joshua at Bob Evans.
Madelyn at Bob Evans.
We are at the library. My kids love that trip. They look for books, play with puzzles and all of the other toys.Joshua doing a puzzle. Sometimes he needs a little assistance, but he does good for the most part.

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Anonymous said...

Actually your eye didn't look nearly as bad as my friends. Her whole eyelid was turned inside out!!! However it does look painful and like something you'd never want again!
Have a GREAT day!