Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July with family

Hello, I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. We had lots of fun spending it with family. We did have a tire to go flat on our car so Chris spent a good 3-4 hours getting it fixed at Wal-mart. But that was the only down side of it. We went to Mom & Dad's for the 4th and had a cookout and then we stayed the night at their house and went to Rutland the next day to be with Chris' Dewhurst side of the family. The kids had alot of fun playing with their nana and pappy, and all of their cousins.

Here is Madelyn, Lincoln, and Riley. They are watching kids play some games at the Rutland 4th of July festival. Madelyn and Riley would not get out and play the games.
Madelyn did play one game and here she is.
Me, Joshua, and Lincoln. Lincoln is so cute. He loves to give hugs and kisses (but in a rough way) and Joshua doesn't really care for it. They are getting better with each other, but we are still not there yet. :)
This would be Jordan showing the younger kids a great trick. Hooray for us parents. All of the smaller kids love her to death.
My dad with Madelyn. She loves to go with Pappy to close the pool up where my dad works.
My dad with Joshua. My dad cannot go out the door unless he takes Joshua.
Madelyn and Riley cheesin' for the camera
Madelyn, Riley, and Aunt Robin.
I wanted all of the kids to sit beside Grandma, but obviously Riley and Joshua would not do it and we are also missing Lincoln. I think he was taking a nap.
My little princess in her patriotic outfit.
My mom with Madelyn and Joshua. They love to be in the kitchen with her when she is cooking. They are dragging out all of the stuff in her drawers.
Chris and Dad were chillin' while we were waiting for ice cream to be made.
Me and Joshua. He is so adorable. I call him my prince
The most wonderful thing. Homemade ice cream. Very Very yummy!! :)

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Holly said...

Hey! Haven't seen ya'll in a long time! Your children are adorable! Hope ya'll are doing well... Holly (Jackson) Arender :)