Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our crazy week!!!

Well, the week started out pretty normal. Monday was normal BIG laundry day. The kids played and did the normal. Tuesday- Joshua has had a cough for awhile, but nothing real big. We finished up some "chores" and I laid the kids down for their nap. When they woke up, Joshua was coughing really bad, he was wheezing, and really struggling to breath. Chris got home around 7pm and Joshua was just breathing alot worse so we decided to take him in to the ER. They said he looked fine and that he just had upper respiratory tract infection. And for me just to keep giving him is cold medicine. Then Wednesday it snowed like crazy here where we live and Joshua had to follow up with his Doctor. Madelyn needed to see her new doctor for just because she did not have one yet from where we just moved. I kept him home from church Wed. night. I am also in the process of trying to wean him from nursing and we have been at this for a month. He does not want to give it up, it has been a very TRYING time in my life right now. Madelyn was broken in 1week. Today we went to see Chris' grandparents, came back in enough time for him to drop us off at home and for him to go to work. (He does what is called "project boost" at the elementary school 4 day a week for 3.5 hours a day. He helps kids with their homework and then does gym time. He absolutely loves it.) So when I got home, I did dishes, put away laundry, and swept the floors. This week has been absolutely busy. Sometimes I have wondered if I could even remember my name. Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow we are going out to eat pizza with a man in our church and his son and daughter-in-law and then guess what - it is time to get ready for the weekend. Which in a pastors home that is the busiest time of the week. So catch you all next week.
~A few funny things from Madelyn~
We were getting ready to go to the ER and I was saying to Chris that maybe I should call Rebecca(a girl in our church) and see if Madelyn could stay with her while we go to the hospital. Madelyn is playing in the living room in her own little world and all of a sudden she looked up and said, "You're going to take Madelyn to Rebecca's house." and I said yes, she goes, "I don't want to go to Rebecca's house."
Then the next day, I told her we had to get ready and go to the doctor's office and she said, "I don't think that is a very good idea."
You never know what she will say, she very much keeps us laughing all the time.


Stephanie said...

Hey! Glad to see you're surviving the winter! Hope to see you all soon.

Martha C said...

Sorry to hear of your ER trip! I have spent many hours there due to Ethan's asthma!

Leah said...

Great to see that you've entered back into the blogging word. Glad you are settled into your new place. I'm sure it's no fun to not have high speed internet, especially if you've been used to it. Plan to see you in about three months at camp.

the nathaniel covert family said...

hello,my name is Amy(roush)Covert my dad Daniel pastored a church in rutland oh that buck and june dewhurst used to attend. i recently heard that kim and brother were in a foriegn country and they got lost or something and they were having a hard time finding each other.can you tell me if they were able to make it back home ok? thank you!! june dewhurst used to be my sunday school teacher also! she is a wonderful lady!! i was also a girlfriend to chris cousin,brian.he was so sweet! ttyl!!Amy