Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Wow! It has been a really long time. Where we live, we have stupid dial-up internet. We have called all over and tried everything there is to be tried and cannot get high-speed internet where we live. It is absolutly awful. So I am in the process of trying to redo my blog. I am going to just put one or two pics up a week and have my blog for more writing and a few fun tidbits for all of you out there. This really frustrates me because I like putting up pics all the time, but it is a major pain with dial up internet. So to let you know about our life.....

Chris has started back to school at Ohio University in Athens OH. which is 30 min. drive from our house. He did not like it at first, but is getting used to it. He is pastoring full time. This church here is a lot busier than our last. And of course he loves to spend as much time as he can with his kids.

Madelyn - She is a very big help to me these days. She likes to help me pick up things around the house and be a little mother hen to her brother. She is very sure to let him know what he can do and cannot do. I have been making sure that she has her devotions in the morning and get dressed and eat breakfast before she watches a movie. The other day, she was having her devotions and she was reading her Bible and finally looks up at me and says, "Can I pray now?" She cracks me up at the things she says. She loves the story about Jonah and the Whale. Especially when her daddy tells her because he rocks and jerks back and forth during the storm.

Joshua - He is walking all over the place and very much has mastered the concept. He is picking up words and phrases all the time. He says, "I want a bite." and pats his mouth. He is so cute and constantly copying everything you do.

Me - I am staying at home with my little ones and love it very much. Between the laundry, dishes, diaper changes, taking Madelyn to the potty, cooking meals, planning for church function, visiting with the other mothers in the church, there is very little spare time. Chris and I have decided that we are getting up extra early and having coffee together in the mornings so we can have some time to talk and spend time with each other.

Well that is how we have been. And hopefully I can get my blog page the way I want it by the end of the week. Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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Martha C said...

Enjoyed your update and tips.

Julie said...

Glad you are back. I enjoyed reading about your kids. It sounds like they are really growing up! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!