Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My munchkins...

My little boy is growing so fast. He has learned how to crawl and he goes everywhere.
Madelyn acting crazy. She is absolutel cute though.
Having fun in the bathtub. They love the water. Joshua thinks it is very funny when Madelyn gets her hair washed because she cries the whole time.
Joshua didn't know what to think of the little taste of pop. He looks like his dad in this picture.


Julie said...

These are very cute pictures. It makes it a little harder for us moms when the babies start crawling - they are able to get into more trouble! Bryce has just figured out that he can crawl up the 8 steps that go up to Mollie's room. If I'm not looking, there he goes!

Sarah Cook said...

Wow! Your daughter cries while she gets her hair washed, too. I thought maybe Faithy's behavior was odd or something. She cries, "Not my eyes, not my mouth!" almost the entire time, as if I were intending to shove soap in her eyes and mouth. She hates her hair washed, although I do it almost everyday! Your baby is growing up so quickly! I didn't know that your husband and Steve Smith were cousins! I always worry about those McDonald tunnels that some kid is going to try to hurt mine... but, I still let them go sometimes... I just feel nervous if I don't hear my kids after a while. Your poor little girl, I hope she recovers from the bully in the tunnel.